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(Which I co-designed and built with Doug Privitt, my father)

First Launch - Redondo Beach, Ca.

Delta's goody bag containing 564 coins (all Double Eagles, $20 gold pieces).
That's my dad's hand holding the first recovered treasure.
This bag of coins were sold at auction for approximately $2.8M.

The ship was carrying in 1865 Dollar Values:

Ship's money & personal valuables $80,000
Indian treaty money transfer $105,000
Wells Fargo transfer $141,000
U.S. Army payroll $200,000
Canadian bullion transfer $3000,000

This is $75M to $100M numistmatic value today.

The legal battle over these coins went all the way to the US Supreme Court (twice 9-0). Sandra Day O'Conner wrote the second unanimous opinion (9-0), blocking the State of California claims over the coins.

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Grounded vs. Ungrounded Electrical Systems for Use in Manned Submersibles - Marine Technology Society Journal, Fourth Quarter 1981 Vol. 15 - No. 4 

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