The History of El Dorado Hills Music

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Business Principle:
To provide for the community's and local school musical needs.  The goal was not to make a big profit but to have a place to spend my time.  If the business was "in the black", I was doing well....

What we offered:

Rental Instruments:
I expanded the Rental Instrument Inventory to include almost all the types instruments needed by the local schools.

Music Instruction:
I had five talented instructors: Cameron Carbrey, Leslie Feenstra, Erik Rose, Gabe Searles, and Dave Smyth.
They provided instruction for: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Bassoon, Trumpet, French Horn, Flute and Piccolo.

Instrument Repairs:
I learned to repair most band instruments, guitars, drums and amplifiers.  I had a reasonably stocked set of tools and parts (there is a special tool for almost everything and for each instrument).

Most repairs were done for free.  It just didn't feel right to charge for an adjustment that took me only a  minute or two to do (once I learned how to do it, I got pretty good and knew exactly what to do to get an instrument to play correctly)

I carried most band instruments, instrument accessories, instrument supplies, maintenance supplies, guitars, drums, amplifiers, music books and sheet music.

Notable News:
During the two years I was running the store, it was broken into twice, even though we had an alarm system.  Only once were items actually stolen (enough to outfit a rock band, we believe it was some local high school kids).