Ken's 5 year Career at Magnavox

7/83 to 3/87 Magnavox Advanced Products & Systems Company, Torrance , CA .

            CLEARANCE - Secret

            Staff Engineer Electrical

            EURONAV GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM (GPS) RECEIVER DIGITAL HARDWARE DESIGN: Lead Engineer for the Design, testing, and integration of the Navigation Processor, Input/Output Processor, and Baseband Processor modules for the EURONAV GPS receiver.  Modules were INTEL 80286, 8086, and 80386 based respectively.  Responsible for the functional partitioning of the digital subsystem, module specifications, gate array interface specifications, and circuit design.  Hardware liaison to software engineering, heavily involved in integration of hardware and software.

            MANAGER OF DIGITAL ENGINEERING: Functional manager for eleven engineers in the NAV Systems Division.  Performed salary reviews, provided schedule status, and cost account management.

            TRANSPARENT CPU DESIGN: Designed an Intel 80286/80287 based CPU module to replace an ANYUK-20 CPU used in the Phase II GPS program.  The replacement CPU allowed early integration and testing of re-hosted software for the EURONAV program.

            Senior Electrical Engineer

            INPUT/OUTPUT PROCESSOR: 9445 Microprocessor assembly language firmware design and development for interfaces between several vehicles and the Phase II GPS receiver.  Debugged hardware interface and wrote assembly language hardware driver routines for several sensor I/O ports.  Including MIL-STD-1553 multiplex bus, ARINC 575/429 serial data bus, and Analog sensors.  FORTRAN program interface with assembly language drivers for data block formatting and data format conversions for Navigation CPU interface.  Completed six vehicle system integrationís.

            EPROM PROGRAMMER: Software development for EPROM programmer to program 320K byte memory board used in the GPS receiver.  Hardware and software integration on DEC PDP-11/23+ using FORTRAN and assembly language routines.

            PROPOSAL: Wrote portion of development section of proposal for Production phase of GPS program.